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Acceptable Mismatch Program (AM)

The AM program is conducted by the ETRL. The AM program is open for every highly sensitized patient awaiting a kidney transplant of any of the countries participating in Eurotransplant.

Eligibility of a recipient for the AM program

For eligibility see Eurotransplant manual chapter 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. If help is needed to determine whether a recipient is a potential candidate, please contact us, preferably by e mail etrl.am@eurotransplant.org

Submission of requests for the  AM program

Before submitting a patient into the AM program, please check the following:

If these criteria are not met, requests are not taken into account.

Submitting a patient:

Procedure AM

This procedure takes on average 6 weeks from the moment the serum samples have arrived at the ETRL.

Selection of recipients upon availability of a donor organ

For the procedure once the patient is entered into the AM program see Eurotransplant manual chapter 10.5.3


AM forms

Serum information sheet

Application form AM