The extramural meeting goes virtual

Due to the Corona pandemic the Extramural meeting that was planned on the 13th of March 2020 in Mechelen, Belgium was cancelled. Since a physical meeting will not be possible in the foreseen future, the ETRL will host a virtual Extramural meeting on Wednesday the 27th of November from 9:30 till 13:00. The preliminary program is as follows:

  • Overview EPT results 2019 Yvonne Zoet (ETRL)
  • Patient based cases 2019 (a summary of results is published on the EPT website) Yvonne Zoet (ETRL)
  • News from the TTAC Sebastiaan Heidt (ETRL)
  • The road towards virtual crossmatching Sebastiaan Heidt (ETRL)
  • HLA epitopes: from theory to practice Cynthia Kramer (LUMC)