EPT dates for 2021 published

The dates for the various EPT exercises for 2021 have been sent to the participating laboratories and have been published on our website. In case one of these dates interferes with some special events, please inform us as soon as possible.

Sample shipments

Shipping dateTyping Dispatch (n)Deadline Typing/XM ReportCrossmatch Dispatch*Screening Dispatch*Deadline screening Report
23-02-2021309-03-2021EPT-XM-A, B, CEPT-Scr-A-L06-07-2021
13-04-2021327-04-2021EPT-XM-D, E, Fxx
15-06-2021329-06-2021EPT-XM-G, H, Ixx
21-09-2021305-10-2021EPT-XM-J, K, Lxx
*Please note that for screening and cross matching different sera are shipped

Extra shipment 2021Deadline XM/TypingDeadline Screening

Patient-based cases

Information/form sentDeadline