ETRL spring Newsletter published

The 2023 spring Newsletter has been published and contains information on the virtual crossmatch, the use of HLA-DQA, DPB and DPA unacceptable antigens for AM eligibility, and an announcement of the ET desensitization program. We hope you enjoy reading.

Extramural meeting 10-03-2023

On Friday 10th of March 2023 the annual extra mural meeting 2023 will be held in Mechelen, Belgium. Topics that will be covered are external proficiency testing, virtual crossmatching, CDC screening, and a scientific lecture on post-transplant rejection diagnostics.

Please contact the ETRL with any questions regarding the extramural meeting.

New ETRL calculators

Along with the introduction of the virtual crossmatch, the ETRL releases new calculators for calculating the vPRA and chance on a donor within the various ET allocation schemes. These calculators are based on the ETRL reference panel 4.0 and allow entry of data on the allele level, as well as the broad and split antigen level for 11 loci.

These calculator are also incorporated into the ENISnext, allowing for accurate reflection on transplantability based on immunology.

Introduction of the virtual crossmatch

As per January 24, 2023 the virtual donor center crossmatch will be in effect in Eurotransplant. For all current information on the virtual crossmatch, please refer to the Eurotransplant membersite. The new HLA tables can be found here.

For questions regarding the virtual crossmatch, please contact the virtual crossmatch team directly on virtual-crossmatch(AT)

ETRL winter Newsletter published

The 2022 winter Newsletter has been published and contains practical information on the virtual crossmatch. Additionally, the new dates for the ETRL EPT exercises have been set. Finally, the date of the Extramural meeting has changed. Please find the new date, as well as the preliminary program and practical information in this Newsletter.

Second virtual Extramural Meeting

Herewith, we invite you to join the 2nd virtual ET Tissue Typers Extramural meeting on Friday 26th of November 2021, from 10:00 – 12:00, hosted through Microsoft Teams. We will discuss the 2020 patient based cases, news from the TTAC and the upcoming virtual crossmatch. The meeting will be concluded with a scientific presentation on antibody-verified eplets.

Registration is required; please see the ETRL 2021 Autumn newsletter for more information. Certificates will be sent by e-mail after the meeting.

ETRL autumn Newsletter published

The 2021 autumn Newsletter has been published and contains information on the 2nd virtual Extramural meeting, the developments on the HML data standard in ET, as well as EPT news and the EPT shipment dates for next year.